Collect items to get new abillities. Find the boss and beat him up.


  • use arrow keys to move around
  • use [Z] (or [Y]) to jump
  • press [X] to spit fire
  • pause the game using the space bar

Important: WebGL is needed!

Note: There seems to be an audio issue in the html5 app. The app versions for windows and linux should not be affected by this problem.


epic fox (windows, linux) 2 MB
epic fox (without crt shader - for windows and linux) 2 MB


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It's possible to climb vines without the powerup by pressing the down key. I thought it was just a weird control scheme at first, but it turns out it was a bug.

Overall it's quite a well put together game. There are lots of adorable little details, like how the slimes still sit there and blink occasionally even after you burn them (though it sounds horrific when I say it like that).

However, the boss slime is a bit of a let-down. It's designed such that when you jump over it (or next to it), there's always a high random chance that it will shoot fire in a pattern you can't avoid no matter what you do, causing you to die instantly at no fault of your own. In general, putting an extremely difficult section right at the end of an otherwise easy and laid back game is almost always a bad idea, as it will just serve to frustrate and alienate most players. Especially in this case because, as far as I can tell, the boss seems to be invincible. If it's not, then give it a health bar, or at least some indication that I'm actually doing damage.

You are right, pressing the down button enables you to use vines before getting the needed item – which is a bug. Also the boss is too hard compared to the rest of the game. The reason for all of this is simply the lack of time in the end of the jam. Originally I planned to implement a lot of other stuff like more items, more enemies, other areas (also a health bar for the boss).

Lovely graphics, great feel to the game, very well done. I included it in my Monkey X NES Game Jam compilation video, if you would like to take a look :)

Thank you for creating a compilation video. Keep up the good work! did you get the CRT shader on there??


GLSL fragment shaders are now supported in mojo2 (see shadereffect.monkey in the mojo2/bananas/ folder – I used the shader in this example as basis for my shaders). There is also an other shader for the NES palette system. It allows four palettes at a time, each having three colors plus alpha. I used this for implementing the two layers of the NES.

love it! Fantastic work!!

Thank you!

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Slight issue with the collisions sometimes...


Thank you - fixed it!

Top entry! Love the CRT look!