This game has been written for Business Card Jam. The source code of the game fits on a normal business card and is still readable. Keep in mind that this is just a concept – it should be possible to reduce the size of the source code a lot which would also increase the readability of the business card.

In the game your quest is to kill a dragon. Therefore you must enter a dungeon and collect weapons, armour, magic scrolls and more so that you become strong enough to face the dragon. But before you can fight the mighty lizard you must solve a puzzle and deal with lots of goblins, orcs and other creatures. Luckily not everyone in the dungeon is your enemy: you will find some friendly merchants that can sell you useful items like healing potions or magic spells.

If you cannot defeat the dragon you can still kill it by cutting the business card into little pieces. However this is not recommended since there is a kitten within the game.

After defeating the dragon you should give the card – or send the link – to somebody else (at least if you didn’t cut the card into pieces).

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsSingleplayer, Text based


DragonSlayerCard.pdf 2 MB
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ok, i'm lost, i guess i need to draw a map to stop going back to already inspected rooms... 

Having all the code of a dungeon-crawling adventure on a card is a really cool idea!

Thanks :)


Thank you!
A map is definitely helpful (I always had to draw one so that I don’t get lost in all that rooms ^^). It can also be a bit confusing that there are no circles – which means that going NORTH→EAST→SOUTH→WEST does not bring you back to the same room. It is more like the tunnels connecting the rooms are different in length (implementing it this way was the easiest way to get a procedurally generated dungeon that is different each time while keeping the code size small).

I hope that helps.

That helps, I hadn't thought about the fact that "going around in circles" didn't bring you back into the same room!


Sorry about that. It’s really not intuitive but it helped keeping the code size smaller.

that's cool, it adds challenge!


Programming is magic.

🤔 Hmm … so … do you think it is against the rules?


No, no. Just showing astonishment and respect.  I think this is great.

Thank you! 😄️