A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Greedy Heroes is a platformer with a CGA graphics style. It was developed for #CGAJam 2017 (theme: "History Repeats") and it simulates a 320x200 graphics mode.


left, right
move left / right
look up, enter doors
down look down
X, Citem 1 /item 2


Nameless heroes are arriving on Kuro Island. Some of them are pirates, some are adventurers, some are mighty warriors and some are crazy scientists. The island is cursed and the heroes are driven by greed. They are searching for treasures – and they want to rule this island …


The music is made by Eric Skiff. Check out his page:


Install instructions

Step 1

Extract GreedyHeroes.zip into a folder of your choice.

Step 2

Windows: Double click GreedyHeroes.exe (Windows) to start the game.


chmod +x GreedyHeroes


If you have problems because you are missing OpenAL, you can get it here:



Greedy Heroes (Windows, Linux) 5 MB
Greedy Heroes CGA-Jam-Edition (Windows, Linux) 5 MB

Development log


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Challenging but of course cute. Very nice work, and it's impressive how much content GH has. :) 


Thank you for taking the time and reviewing it!

:) I wish I reached more bosses. Are there five in GH?

Yes there are five of them. When you kill all four normal bosses, the door to the king of the island opens.

If you want to explore the complete game world but you don't have enough time to play the game, you can start the game from command line and activate the developer/cheat mode by pressing A+2+Enter after starting a new game. After activating developer mode you will see all possible cheat codes in the command line window. Feel free to explore, hack and mod the game (using edit mode). Such stuff can sometimes be more fun than playing.

Developer cheats? :O Enticing... ;) 

The screens look great but the game wouldn't work for me. It closes immediately.

Ok, I uploaded a new version that should not crash at startup :)